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woodstocking® – a training that makes you happy Part 1 – Julia’s contribution

You never stop learning and there is always something new to discover! And that’s what I love, discovering great new things that make life better and happier. The physical movement not only has a positive effect on the body, but also on mental and emotional well-being, is nothing new. But it is this training – at least for me.

So I am discovering woodstocking®and would like to share this with you.

What should woodstocking® be? So I informed myself quite selfishly 😉 for myself, in addition, also for you times something about it:

It is a training system that refers to the meridian theory of TCM, promotes self-perception and stimulates self-regulation. It should be a way that helps you to live your own life more intensively through self-awareness and self-awareness. The woodstocking® training is therefore a possibility of self-care.

It is the case that when you rest in your own midst and are happy, it is much easier to approach other people, open your heart and experience fulfilling relationships.

At the same time, breathing seems to play an important role in woodstocking®. Through conscious breathing, a connection to the body and the individual organs is established. You go out of thinking and into feeling.

The training should help you with various aspects of discomfort and bring you back into balance. It promotes health, self-confidence and encourages positive thinking. It should enable you to become aware of your own feelings and perceptions and to reflect on them. Through this self-knowledge, one should also recognize which impulses one sends out into the world oneself and thus probably also better understand why and what comes back to one due to this.

When you are in a crisis, it is important to get out of old habits. So this training helps you to get the basis for new thinking, feeling and knowledge about the causes and to develop solutions.

If that’s not a lot of good reasons to test woodstocking®! I’m really excited and want to try it out for myself so that I can tell you from my own experience.

So, I’m on my way to try out this training system for myself. My experiences you will find out very soon in part 2!

Have you now become curious and want to try it out for yourself? Then take a look at the woodstocking® website. There you’ll find more Info´s and you can even order everything you need for training at home.

Julia from Berlin


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