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Learn the exercises “right”…..

There are so many things to consider, shouldn’t I attend a course to learn the exercises properly?

The question is justified, because we always want to do everything “right”, follow the rules, etc.. Moreover, we would rather be shown it in person than to acquire it on our own. Everything that is important is shown in the training materials: In the woodstocking® manual, the individual parts of the exercise are described and illustrated. On the DVD you can watch it and with the videos included in the online package we can get daily company. And it is not important to do everything right immediately. It is much more important to get more and more involved with oneself, with what goes well as well as with what is difficult at first.

The structure of the exercises is always the same – so the system is quickly learned. Here’s a quick word:

We start with a smile. Did you just smile? There’s no way to stop it, I think. A simple smile is followed by a smile and the mood is equally good.

For the warm-up we stand upright, our feet parallel and hip-width apart. The knees are slightly bent and the pelvic floor has a slight tension. We feel our body…..The Woodstock is standing in front of us and we move it left and right with the music. Then we loosen our shoulders by holding the Woodstock in front of us at chest height and making circular movements.

These elements are the same in each of the exercises and are quickly learned.

The subsequent organ exercises are different for each organ and also here the instructions are easy to follow. The movement sequence is repeated for 2 minutes. Finally there is the cool-down phase where we can feel and hear into our body and just let go of everything so that we can develop the feeling that everything is flowing.

The exercises offer us the opportunity to simply be with us, to concentrate and recharge our batteries in 6.5 minutes. It takes some practice, but it is worth getting involved in this process. We should take our time so that body and mind can bring this interaction into a new form of communication.

If you get involved, you will be surprised how much energy the exercises give you. Through the slow and flowing shoulder movement at the beginning and the organ exercise itself, “a lot is achieved with small movements” said one participant.

An efficient training for body and mind that makes you relaxed and happy….




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