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As a rule, we do not think about our organs. We assume that everything works well, until they may not work anymore at some point.

Cells and vibrations

Our body consists of a multitude of cells, each of which has different functions, such as connective tissue cells, muscle cells or organ cells. According to quantum physics, they can absorb positive and negative oscillations and form many small brains, so to speak, which are aware of what we are in resonance with right now, whether we are closing or whether we are currently being flooded by a violent emotion. Negative energy vibrations or energy blockages are unhealthy and can lead to discomfort after a varying period of time.

Organs and vibrations

Each organ has a special, important function for the whole organism. Together they guarantee an effective metabolism. For example, the liver absorbs substances from the blood flow, filters out toxins, increases useful of further use, and stores energy released during hunger. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each organ is assigned to a specific meridian. This leads fine vibrations as Chi (life energy) through the body and also to every organ. Each meridian and each organ has its own frequency and transports vibrations of a certain quality. This can be imagined as if each meridian shines in a different colour, has its own sound or conveys a certain emotion. This is what we call “human quality” in the woodstocking® system. In the liver, this is “tolerance.”

Vibrations and feelings

We can change and transform negative vibrations that we absorb or even generate ourselves by recognizing, accepting and transforming negative ways of thinking and feeling – thereby clearing the way for our self-healing powers.

Movement and change

We can set this transformation process in motion and facilitate it through physical movement. That’s where organ exercises come in. We move our body, stretch and stretch it and move it to music. We tune in to the positive vibration in the associated meridian and thereby balance its energy flow. The movement also loosens the fascia and connective tissue. Our experiences and emotions are stored there. Through the specific movements of the organ exercise we can access this body memory and experience the connection between our body and mind. We have the opportunity to consciously feel ourselves and observe the thoughts that arise. This helps us get to know ourselves better and gives us a basis from which we can change if we want to.


When we do the woodstocking exercises, we activate all our cell material, “shake” and “shake” it. We can then look at and accept what thoughts and feelings are released. Through this we come into mindfulness, experience joy and peace and create inner peace. See also here.

Have fun practicing



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