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I want to be happy

Can you feel the joy of creating positive moods?


The feeling of coherence is a feeling of happiness

Positive feelings such as joy, gratitude and love promote order and coherence, i.e. the interaction of all nerve cells in the organism. During woodstocking® training you practice the connection of positive thoughts, pleasant feelings and movement. This creates a feeling of happiness.

Every woodstocking® exercise combines a body organ with a positive emotional attitude: the special movements and matching sets are particularly suitable for positively charging the organs. In tense situations, this facilitates access to positive emotions and prevents stress and anxiety.

I am looking for confirmation

Do you know the power that gives you serenity and self-confidence from within your own midst?

If someone has had bad experiences with other people, this is always associated with a corresponding bad feeling. Because such feelings are difficult to endure, they are often suppressed. If such a bad feeling nevertheless breaks through, the affected person is usually not in a position to deal with it.

With the woodstocking® – training you can learn not to be afraid of your own feelings and to allow feelings. One experiences that feelings enrich life and make it rich in variety and nuances. The mind needs feelings to become aware of itself and to develop consciousness. We all need heart and mind to build sustainable relationships and meet the challenges of life.

I want to assert myself

Do you know what inner attitude prevents you from being dominated by others?

In situations in which negative emotions are triggered and repressed, not only psychological stress arises. The musculature contracts involuntarily, cramps in the long run and then becomes palpable e.g. as neck tension or as back pain. In the long run, such suppressed feelings can even lead to incorrect postures and movement restrictions.

The woodstocking® – exercises contain many stretching elements, which promote the mobility of the whole body. This makes the connective tissue more flexible and the body more elastic and resistant to stress-induced, involuntarily triggered muscle tension.

A balanced, upright posture promotes a similar inner posture and also sends a corresponding signal to the outside. With woodstocking® training, the connection between inner and outer posture can be experienced. During training you can feel where your perception is blocked, increase your attention there and thereby gain self-knowledge as a basis for change. The more you feel connected and comfortable with yourself, the less you will be negatively influenced from outside and out of balance.

I want to be healthy

Do you know how you can strengthen weakened organs yourself?

The organs of the body have their own nerve networks. They pick up stimuli, process them and send information to your brain that influences your thinking and feeling.

A negative attitude has an effect on the whole body. It prevents the fine tuning of the rhythms, which are constantly coordinated in the organism, such as breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, hunger, sleep, etc. and increases the chaos in the body.

Protection from automatic, stressful reactions provides a positive, strengthening charge to the areas where the negative programs are stored. Positive feelings such as joy, gratitude and love promote the interaction of all nerve cells in the organism.

With the woodstocking® – training it becomes possible to dissolve negative programs and to charge the organs with positive energy. Then the whole organism functions more smoothly and efficiently. This causes a noticeable increase in the life energy and a strengthening of the self-healing powers.