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The woodstocking® way to meditation

The woodstocking® way to meditation

Yes, with woodstocking® I can learn to meditate and deepen meditative states. well…

The movement we enter with the woodstocking® exercise stimulates the flow of energy in your body. The sentences spoken during the exercise help us to get out of the carousel of thoughts. In the cool-down phase at the end of each organ exercise, we focus our attention on the inside and feel.

Thus we have created the prerequisite for any kind of altered state of consciousness. By listening or feeling ourselves inside with relaxed attention, we turn to the subtle body sensations.. This way we leave out distracting external stimuli and stressful thoughts. Over time, this posture becomes easier and easier. You may notice that something within you comes to rest, collects and centers. This can already happen when you pick up your Woodstock.

Disturbing physical, emotional and mental forces step into the background and you can tune in completely to the organ quality. In this way you experience yourself one with this positive vibration, because your body and your mind make this experience together. This creates a feeling of coherence, connectedness and harmony with yourself and the cosmos. If you have experienced something like this before, you will be able to report serenity and equanimity, which then spread within you.

It is now generally accepted that meditation has a positive effect on body and mind. In Chinese medicine, the healing effect of meditation is attributed to the balancing of the energy flow in the body. The movements of the organ exercise together with a calm, flowing breath promote the flow of energy throughout the body. You can even solve blockages in the corresponding meridian. In this respect, you can even use the appropriate woodstocking® exercise (see Emotion Diary) to dissolve negative and blocking thoughts and feelings. With this you can bring your life energy back into a free flow.

The normalization of elevated blood pressure and cortisol levels indicate the reduction of stress. The psyche benefits from a strengthened inner balance. The ability to concentrate increases. Learning material is more easily absorbed and processed. The feeling for ourselves is getting finer and finer. We will always feel better whether we are going into resonance with a subject, a substance or a person, and what our mind-body system recognizes as fitting to us.


as a short description of woodstocking® takes on a new dimension. The effect of the exercises is not only directed at yourself, but becomes noticeable in your decisions and in your relationships. This also applies to your environment and to your friends, family members and colleagues. It can also be felt there. When we practice regularly, daily, our actions become more conscious and authentic because we can hear our quiet inner voice. We feel the subtle signals of our body can remain with calm heart in our center.

I wish you and all of us much joy!



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