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The woodstocking® Training System: The Emotion Diary

The sentences spoken during training are derived from the function of our organs. The task of the respective organ is described as quality, which is available to every human being in principle. These organ qualities are made available by the sentences spoken during the training in daily life and in dealing with other people.

With woodstocking® you practice to take a certain distance to your experiences and impressions and to focus your thoughts on a higher context. The powerful possibilities at your disposal are activated by these sentences. In connection with the specific body movements, the positive energy of thoughts reaches your body consciousness.

Negative emotions are able to bring someone out of balance. If they are reflected in behavior, there are usually winners and losers. Once someone has been disturbed and agitated, fear, resistance, withdrawal, cynicism, impatience or feelings of guilt can easily arise. It is clear that then constructive conversations are impossible.

One way to free oneself from the vicious circle of negative emotions is to reflect on the human qualities that we all carry within us. Inner awareness and strength make it possible to become more independent from being judged by others. Positive emotions are often only briefly present and are quickly replaced by worries and problems. As positive feelings get more space and attention, solution-oriented thinking and appreciative communication become more likely.

With the woodstocking® training you can learn to become aware of your emotions and states of mind. In this way you promote your inner process of changing negative feelings and giving space to positive feelings.

With the emotion diary, which you get for free when you buy a Woodstock, you become aware of your emotional state and find the appropriate exercise. After the training, write down exactly what you felt and what thoughts you had. In this way you can deepen your self-awareness and recognize your progress.

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