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Our way to woodstocking®

Dr. med. Bettina Rippel (left in picture) – Developer

woodstocking® – My way to consciousness

Natural science cannot explain the spirit, cannot define its function and cannot find the soul or consciousness anywhere in the body. But a life without subjective experiences, without fantasy and without the possibility to become more conscious and – yes – happier through reflection and perception is not imaginable for most of us.

The human brain does not consist of data processing alone, but there is this “something” that goes beyond our electrical brain processes. Let us call it consciousness and postulate that our mind and our perception together create the consciousness that makes us the person we want to be.

In order to become more conscious and to use one’s mind in the sense of health, there is no work instruction and no prescription, but there is the possibility to get there through self-awareness. That’s why I developed this training system. It helps and facilitates you to make your own experiences. The woodstocking® training system allows you to consciously align your mind, leave negative mental programs behind and unfold the tremendous possibilities of your mind for healing.

As a doctor I wanted to combine medical research on fasciae, brain function and memory with the essence of old wisdom teachings and my own spiritual experiences and insights in a practical system. I wanted to develop an easy to learn possibility to connect body and mind, thinking and feeling and to become more self-confident.

The inspiration for the development of the Woodstock came from a trip to Africa, where I was impressed by the elegance and attitude of the nomads who carried a stick to drive the cattle around their necks. A training with the Woodstock, the woodstocking® training, should become an everyday and at the same time holistic training for the people of my culture. After a 2 year development phase and a thorough trial phase, I now introduce you to a system with which you can switch off and recharge your body and mind in short practice sessions, standing and in everyday clothes. Over time, you’ll probably develop a better posture, experience what it feels like when body and mind are in harmony and discover your body intelligence: be excited about the experiences you can have with your training partner, Woodstock!

Ina Rathje (right in the picture) – Marketing

woodstocking® – My way for personal development in the middle of life

In addition to my professional career as a financier, exercise has always been important to me in my private life. With the regular movement there was also the need for me to be able to ground on cue so that I could regain strength. With the woodstocking® training I can do that wonderfully. In a very short time I am able to come back to my own centre and feel comfortable in myself and with myself. This feeling of well-being tells me that I can cope well with the challenges ahead. When I feel physically and mentally well, this wonderful feeling comes on being healthy, alive and completely with me.

Other important aspects for me are posture and breathing. If my posture is right, I breathe consciously, I am well and there is no room for chaos. The hollow back I trained many years ago I have finally “trained off” myself through the woodstocking® and I can now also breathe properly and deeply.

As a business coach, I recommend woodstocking® training to my clients in order to stay in the process. I have already noticed that this makes them more mindful and allows them to more easily integrate the coaching results into their daily lives. In addition, most people find it beneficial to switch off briefly and get moving in their everyday office life.

I did the exercises on my own from the beginning and didn’t find it difficult to learn them myself according to the descriptions in the manual and the films. Later I let Bettina show me exciting further developments such as “Conscious Breathing”. It remains exciting….

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