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Stage fright gives way to serenity.

From Stage fright to Serenity

With woodstocking I can go on fulfilling my wishes.

Shaping change is my professional topic – somehow it always has been and especially now in my consulting and coaching work.

While networking I recently heard the following: “This elevator pitch always gets to me. I can’t sleep the night before and I am very nervous when I’m talking.” The other person nodded confirming it and added the own experiences.

That sounded familiar to me. The same happened to me for a long time. But now this kind of stage fright is history to me. At the time I had already done my 60 seconds presentation twice. I was able to talk calmly and with a good feeling inside – it was a little over the top, but ok. It hasn’t always been like this. Although I was never too shy to speak, it was never my goal to talk about myself and my work in public.

A few months earlier I had planned too much for the 60 second presentation. I screwed up, stammered and then read what I had prepared with my face bright read. Later one of the other participants said quite kindly to me – “Ina, you don’t need that script at all, you can do without it”. Well, I thought if she only knew how I felt, when I got up and had to recite my 60 seconds. I could hardly eat before, my heart beats up to my neck, like everyone must be able to hear it. I get all sweaty and my face glows. Just incredible this stage fright. It was about time I did something about it ……

Since I had learned to relax and ground myself well during my woodstocking workout, I wanted to try out something. I imagined that my feet are rooted in the ground. When I inhale it feels like it flows through me and spreads out when I exhale, it get to each and every cell and I feel calmer and quite comfortable and centered. We learn much easier while in motion and can anchor what we have learned about the tissue, the cells in our system. The workout and the spoken positive sentences help me focus and change.

It is this time during the exercise – when it is only about me and my well-being – that is particularly valuable. Through the daily repetition, new neurons form in the brain, the new knowledge is transferred to the cells and a new ability is included in the program.

I now recall this calmness whenever I need it and feel the roots under my feet. I connect with it and then feel wonderfully surrounded by an indescribable inner peace in which it is easy for me to imagine myself during my 60 second presentations.

Feel free to try it out….and – practice creates perfection!




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