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Body awareness, how does that work?

In order to intensify your body awareness it is helpful to first get to know the different areas of your body mentally. Can your thoughts even penetrate your little toe? At the latest when something falls on your toe, your thoughts are there, but how do you manage to feel your toe when it neither moves nor hurts?

In the brain there is actually an area of nerve cells in which the sensory stimuli of the little toe are interconnected. You do not only feel pain, but also touch, cold and warmth or pressure. All these stimuli reach the nerve cells in your head. When they have a lot to do, they branch and multiply until your little toe is totally sensitive.

Practice over a longer period of time so that something in your brain can change permanently!

You can do this…

Move your legs, your arms or your fingers one after the other and feel exactly. Pay attention to everything: Does it feel heavy, or light, is this leg warm or cold, does it tingling or painful?

Watch out for differences. Which leg can you lift more easily, which arm has more tension, which finger can you bend more easily?

Now gently touch a finger and try to tighten the muscles in it. Do this with other parts of the body and try later to tighten individual muscles without touching them. Go through your body this way, tighten individual parts again and again and let go. Pay close attention to what it feels like and where you find it harder. Practice there particularly intensively.

Now describe these differences. Take the time to tell yourself or someone else about it or write down your feelings. As you put your experience into words, it solidifies in the brain so that you can more easily access it again.

oder woodstocking®machen!

With woodstocking® training, your body perception improves automatically, so to speak. You only need to do the exercises carefully and slowly, without letting your mind wander. You may find it difficult to make correct movements at first, but you now know that your brain has to adjust to them first.

And woodstocking® can do even more. You learn to feel into your body as you focus your thoughts and emotions on specific issues, developing both positive and sometimes unpleasant feelings. Allow that to happen and feel what those feelings are triggering in your stomach, head or elsewhere. Does something cramp together, dissolve and suddenly feel lighter? Do all the exercises so slowly that you don’t get lost.

You can download an emotion diary designed for this training in the customer area of the woodstocking® homepage to document your experiences. In time, you’ll better realize where you stand and what you need.



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