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Goodbye to sleep disorders

Sleep disorders don’t have to be.

Do you like to spend the last hours before going to bed in front of the TV to calm down or relax? Be careful, this is not really the best and healthy thing to do!

Sitting in front of the TV can interfere with your sleep

An American study by Matthew P. Buman, PhD examines the relationship between sitting in front of the television and sleeping behaviour. The 1000 Americans interviewed between the ages of 23 and 60 spent six to seven hours a day sitting. Each additional hour spent sitting increased the likelihood of poor sleep, even more so when watching TV at the same time. In addition, every hour spent sitting in front of the television increased the likelihood of falling asleep poorly and waking up too early. The body weight of the participants did not play a role.

The predominantly evening TV consumption can suppress the Melatonin distribution (the hormone from the pineal gland which promotes sleep) by the blue portion of the screen light. Emotionally demanding content can also disturb sleep.

Regular physical exercise offers effective protection against all the risks mentioned.

So far the study results. Source: Buman MP et al.: Sitting and television viewing. Novel risk factors for sleep disturbance … Chest 2015; 174(3): 728-34

A regular woodstocking® training session before going to bed can break the vicious circle of sleep disorders:

With the woodstocking® training you can integrate small breaks in your daily sitting marathon. You can relax at the same time. The Woodstock gives you support and makes training easier. Exercising isn’t about fitness. It’s about feeling your body with slow, conscious movements, stretching it and stimulating the flow of energy. You listen to relaxing music and sentences that align your thoughts with human qualities. You tune in to positive feelings. You combine movement with mental relaxation and can free yourself from stress and chaos.

Older or physically handicapped people who find it difficult to get enough exercise every day can benefit just as much as people who spend a lot of time in the office or in front of a computer screen. The training is fun, easy to learn and you can practice alone at home or in the office.

So if you want to calm yourself before going to bed, start with switching off your TV first. Then get up and grab your Woodstock: In 6.5 minutes of woodstocking you can prepare for a good night sleep.

We wish you a good and restful sleep!



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