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Experience human qualities during woodstocking® training

human qualities

In the woodstocking® system, I use the term “human qualities” to describe an appropriate, compassionate way of thinking, feeling and acting, which every person can choose in principle in a certain situation.

This does not mean that there is an optimal way to act, which might be measurable with a quality control. This also does not mean that man possesses certain good and bad qualities which give him the predicate “despicable” or “virtuous”.

There is no doubt that man needs generally accepted qualities such as generosity and kindness in daily life. But what if he is attacked in a dark underpass, if someone tries to steal from him or if his colleague wants to pass his own work on to him? It is then extremely helpful to distinguish oneself, to say no or to defend oneself. And is that really despicable now? What is the difference between good and bad action?

No evaluation in the woodstocking® system

In the woodstocking® system this type of evaluation does not exist. We assume that every human being is driven by a positive inner impulse that ultimately underlies his action Marshall Rosenberg has described this in his system of non-violent communication. He has worked with prison inmates and his approach has even been confirmed in his work with murderers and other violent offenders. Only when these people, often for the first time in their lives, looked at their own vulnerability and longings with a nonjudgmental, compassionate helper did something change. Human qualities are activated by a more compassionate view of oneself and others and thus form the basis for other behaviour.

So it depends on the inner attitude at the moment when the person can decide to act one way or the other. If he has a loving attitude towards himself and his own needs, he will also be able to meet his counterpart in the same way. Then he can act in the way that suits him best, his environment and his relationships. In this respect, the “human qualities” in the woodstocking® system describe these possibilities for authentic, appropriate and human behaviour. In principle, these possibilities are accessible to every human being, as long as he is connected with himself, with his heart, with his feelings and with his mind.

This is exactly what you practice in woodstocking® training when you connect to the feelings that they trigger in you through the spoken sentences. The human quality that underlies the exercise and creates a corresponding mood makes it easier for you to stay connected with your heart. So inner limitations can be released and heart and mind can work together better.n.



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