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Review POWER BAR 2.0, the day workshop on 18.11.2017

Our POWER-BAR 2.0 on 18.11.2017 was a round thing. My co-moderators Sabine Happe and Dr. Kristina Böhlke and I were very satisfied. Yes we were really happy about the result. We left the beautiful conference room of the Center for Meditation, Qi Gong, Healing Practice in Hamburg-Bergedorf – really energetic and/or floating.

Our participants wanted much less practical theory – that was no problem for our POWER BAR. We had a lot of little gold nuggets ready.


showed us warm-up and relaxation exercises from acting pedagogy (Perdekamp’s emotion method PEM). We made our energy flow with our breathing and our diaphragm vibrate. Many small exercises, which perceive breathing whole body and and and and. There was mind, body and emotion at work. It said here: If the diaphragm is flexible, the flexibility of action increases.

After a cosy lunch at the Italian restaurant around the corner we went on with Sabine.


brought us another self-coaching method. Based on the PSI theory (Personality System Interaction) of Prof. Julius Kuhl (University of Osnabrück). Here, too, reason, intuition and intuition were required. Speak out consciously and intuitively grasp unconsciously – in other words, perceive wordlessly! After the guided meditation on a day in the future, we then colored Somatic Males with our theme. Exciting and it came a completely different energy to carry.


so I – completed the mediation and then put woodstocking to use. Also here it was about deep and conscious inhalation and exhalation with the movement of the exercises. Each exercise is accompanied by appropriate music with acoustic signals as a transition to the next part of the exercise. It is about bringing body and mind together and perceiving. Intuitively I grasp what the topic is and have the good feeling to do something for myself and my body.

We were all in good spirits and feel refreshed by the POWER BAR and good – we have reached our goal – to recharge our batteries.

The three of us liked the format very much – so it’s time to move on.

If you want to be there next time, you can also contact us in advance. We will announce the next program again accordingly early.

Until then be greeted warmly

Ina Rathje


Below are our contact details:

Dr. Kristina Böhlke,,, Mobil 0179 – 47 65 845

Sabine Happe,,, Tel. 040 – 20 22 67 76

Ina Rathje, rathje@woodstocking,, Mobil 0163-428 28 22 and,







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