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Field report by Sandra

I became aware of woodstocking® through Bettina. She had explained to me that the training could help me against my physical pain. I could bring the body into a new balance through slow tension and conscious relaxation. The inner peace also has an effect on the muscles. The sentences would help me to concentrate on one topic and not to jump from one problem to another with my thoughts, so that I could more easily come into contact with my feelings.

When I had learned how it worked and wanted to start practicing, I felt a lot of resistance at first, which was manifested in physical tension, pain and also in a state of absence I was familiar with.

The safer I became and the more I could gradually accept the training and let it get to me, the less this escape behaviour became. “Just do it first, no evaluation” made the beginning easier for me. I also gradually lost the high performance level and was able to relax more. In the meantime I actually experience this inner peace and my body is no longer as tense and cramped as before.

Meanwhile, woodstocking® training is very important to me and I benefit from it every day. My evening 6.5 minutes have become an integral part of my life. I take the time and the rest and have integrated it firmly into my everyday life. Meanwhile I am with my concentration more in the now, can read books at times again concentrated, am interested in new knowledge, perceive the environment much more consciously and have also much more energy available. I make more contact with my fellow human beings again and withdraw less.

I personally can only recommend woodstocking®!

Sometimes it is worthwhile to reduce resistance and go other ways.

Many thanks to you, Bettina!

best regards



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