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A trial exercise – the lung exercise

We present you here in the BLOG one of the 12 woodstocking® exercises every now and then. This exercise is for the lungs. Please scroll down to the video.

The picture here shows a moment of exercise – in fact we stretch ourselves in this exercise and then squat briefly – the lungs remain flexible and adapt to our movements.

The lungs are responsible for gas exchange in the body. Through the flow of breath, the body absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. The lungs are expanded and compressed by the respiratory muscles like a sponge. So the more we are in the flow of our lives, the less resistance we have to offer and the easier it is for us to gain energy.

Duration: 6,5 minutes in total

The organ exercise consists of three sections:

Warm-up phase – 5 different movements of 30 seconds each, in total. so 2,5 minutes

Middle section– this section varies depending on which organ exercise you are doing. 2 minutes

Cool-down phase – resting phase and self-perception. 2 minutes

Access to the video community is included with the purchase of the training set. With it you can download all exercises or start them on your PC and take part directly.

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