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Daily Self-care
for Body and Mind

Balance and Mobility for the back
Orientation and stability within

The woodstocking<sup>®</sup> Program
a holistic experience

will make your spiritual spirit tangible for you
is meditation in motion
promotes a greater awareness of the body and grounding
supports a mindful inner approach
promotes energy awareness and intuition
shows you how to connect heart and mind

additional information

The core of the woodstocking® program consists of 12 so-called organ workouts, which are performed with the woodstock in a standing position. Each exercise unit requires only 6.5 minutes, and is short enough to be practiced in between as a break or regularly each morning and evening. The organ exercises promote flexibility, posture, relaxation and balance.

For each of the 12 major body organs, there is a separate exercise. Each organ stands for an emotion and a life theme which we can learn to become aware of and resolve through the training. In this way we promote our natural, intrinsic resources. We learn to apply them in everyday difficult situations in order to enhance our physical well-being as well as our relationships.

The workout

The woodstocking® program consists of short daily exercise sessions performed while standing with a wooden stick, the woodstock. Each workout only requires 6.5 minutes of your time daily. However, the main focus is on feeling deeply inside of yourself and lovingly accepting everything that shows up, rather than mastering complicated movement sequences. Consider the body as your ally, without having to meet certain fitness and athleticism requirements.

It offers guidance to build energy awareness and practical support to use energy and vibration to improve physical and mental well-being.

woodstocking® is a meditation in movement and has its roots in Africa. It is a path to self-knowledge and expanded human potential.

here you can watch the sample workout

6.5 minutes daily in motion for well-being and inner growth. move - feel - be with yourself

The blog contains experience and background reports.

The customer area will be there at your disposal. There you have access to videos for every exercise. Watch the 12 videos, one for each excercise and join in right away and start excercising. In addition to extensive information, you also receive a free 30-minute online coaching session in which we answer your questions and guide you through the exercises.

Have a look at our other online workshops in the shop, especially if you want to become a trainer yourself.


The woodstocking® Path

To beginn with we suggest that you will familiarise yourselves with the movement sequences of the 12 organ exercises. We then learn to feel inside, to become aware of feelings and moods and to listen to the signals of our body. We become more aware of the influence of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour on the body and on all areas of our life. We gain an idea of our inner resources, learn to feel and direct energy, to ground ourselves and connect with cosmic energy. We use movement and our mental power to release blockages and change the quality of energy in the body.

The training set consists of

Woodstock: The training device
Manual: photos and description of the workouts
Emotions Diary: helps you select the right workout for you
12 organ workouts with instructions and music:

  • The appropriate music with acoustic signals in 12 audio files of 6.5 minutes each and as a CD,
  • 12 for Levels 2, 3 and 4, there will be separate audios with instructions,
  • 12 introductory videos for each organ workout,
  • 12 videos, showing the entire workout. One for each organ

Mindfulness training

The woodstocking® program provides a structure inorder for us to make our own experiences with mindfulness and offers a way to make a mindful approach a habit for us. During the workouts we learn to sharpen our sense of presence and to take an inner distance to our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. We learn to become aware of our heart qualities (or organ qualities), to feel them and to be inspired by them. The exercises help us to open our heart, let go of unhealthy patterns and gain a freer consciousness.

More about woodstocking®

The 4 levels of the woodstocking® program

In Stage 1 we create the connection with our body that allows us to recognise its subtle signals. We train our body awareness. How does the body feel when I think of the affirmation or a related experience? What kind of feeling are my thoughts and memories generating? Does this have an influence on my movements? Do I have an inner perception of my movements? We should practice the sequence of the 12 organ exercises as a prerequisite for practising levels 2-4

In level 2 we refine the body-related perception by practising to sense and direct vibrations and energies in and around the body. In the physical world we are active in order to create, change and shape something. In the energy world, we take a receptive stand. We let go of our thoughts so that an empty inner space is created in which things can happen. The space opens by itself if we are patient, ready and open for it.

Level 3 is about attaining a higher state of consciousness and mindfulness through coherence between body and mind, heart and brain. We feel the flow and quality of the energy of our chakras and learn to change this energy to tangibly raise our vibration and access our true essence.

In stage 4, the shadow module, we will learn to reconcile ourselves with stressful experiences or difficult relationships and will be able to let go of the negative emotions associated with them. In this way we prepare ourselves for experiences on a higher vibrational level and open ourselves to the golden light of our soul.

Organ workout: Specific effect of the respective workout on body organs

The woodstocking®-workout has an effect on the fascial system of the body. Fascia includes organ capsules, tendons and ligaments. The fasciae form a network of connective tissue that ensures that the parts of the body are and remain joined together to form a whole. The fasciae act as electromagnetic conduits that transport not only muscle energy, but also emotions in the body.

The woodstocking®-workout improves the energy in the fascia and the organ through movement combined with positive thoughts.

12 workouts for 12 organs

Plan between 1 to 4 weeks to familiarize yourself with one workout, one organ and the corresponding mental quality. This strengthens the new experiences you will have, so that you can easily access them in your everyday life during stressful situations.

The 6.5 minutes of the workouts consist of several parts divided by signals. It starts with 5 sequences of 30 seconds each in the warm-up phase, 2 minutes of organ workout and 2 minutes for the cool-down phase.

The human quality represented by each organ is:

  1. Liver

Quality: „I am tolerant“

  1. Gallbladder

Quality: „I am friendly“

  1. Heart

Quality: „I trust“

  1. Small Intestine

Quality: „I am helpful“

  1. Thyroid gland

Quality: „I am empathic“

  1. Circulation/Sexus

Quality: „I am lovable“

  1. Spleen/Pancreas

Quality: „I am human“

  1. Stomach

Quality: „I am carefree“

  1. Lung

Quality: „I am flexible“

  1. Colon

Quality: „I am peaceful“

  1. Kidney 

Quality: „I am mindful“

  1. Bladder

Quality: „I hold back“

Additional Module Creative Power: Realize Your Vision

The basic module is supplemented by the additional Creative Power module.

With Creative Power, you can use the power of your thoughts to create a new reality for yourself. With it you will be the Creator of your everyday life and care for your own fulfilled future with positive spiritual energy.

People can heal themselves by virtue of their thoughts and in principle, it is possible for every human being to shape their future with this power.

Actually, this happens all the time, because your thoughts draw the appropriate experiences into your life.


How conscious are you of this? Do you create the life that you dream of with all your powers of thought? The life stories of Dr. Joe Dispenza, (see, and Clemens Kuby, (see, impressively show how incredible self-healing is possible through the power of thought.

In order to achieve a happy, fulfilling future, it is important to regularly focus your thoughts on your goals and give the positive more energy than your future fears and self-doubts.

With the organ workout in combination with the additional module, Creative Power, you can anchor your positive thought power in the body so that all your cells can vibrate in this energy.

Your body’s own information field, which surrounds you as an aura, absorbs these vibrations and generates resonances, which make the creation of a changed reality possible in the first place.

This module includes:

an audio file – Introduction, 8:40 minutes
an audio file – Part 1: Create, 11:35 minutes
12 audio files – Part 2: Materialize, 11:30 minutes each
and an ebook – Exercise guide and additional background information

Breathing is life

Emotions accelerate or calm breathing just as physical exercise or rest does. Breathing works autonomously. It adapts to the circumstances without our conscious intervention. The breathing rhythm activates the flow of spinal fluid, which can circulate all the better the more evenly and rhythmically the breath flows. Practicing a calm basic mood and the breathing exercises in the woodstocking®-training stabilizes the breathing rhythm. This supports the ability to think and remember and strengthens the immune system.

Your introduction to the woodstocking®-Training

How to start with the woodstocking®system:

 1) woodstocking®-training set

With the woodstocking® training set you get a Woodstock and the music for the 12 organ workouts as an MP3 file to download. The music is structured by spoken sentences and signals and guides you through the workout.

The enclosed manual illustrates the exercises and provides more details on breathing, organ function, and the high-functioning human qualities.

You get access to the video community, where the individual exercises are available as videos to watch and participate.

You will also find an introductory video above each workout video. In them Bettina offers additional useful information on how to start. Here is a link to the introductory video of the warm-up phase.

In the video community you will also find the emotion diary as a PDF document to download, which can help you choose a workout. The workout can be selected in many ways. In the blog you will find an article about it. BLOG: How do I choose the right workout?


The set can also be purchased in individual parts in the shop. Accessories such as fabric bags, stands, exercise posters and the eBook Inner Peace Experience with background information on the woodstocking® system can be found here.

2) Additional module Creative Power

The additional module, Creative Power, builds on the organ workouts. We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the organ exercises to gain initial experience and then move on to the additional module.




The woodstocking®-add-on module, Creative Power, consists of


an audio file – introduction, 8:40 minutes

an audio file – Part 1: Create, 11:35 minutes

12 Audio Files – Part 2: Materialize, 11:30 minutes each

and an eBook – with exercise instructions and background information, which are available for download.

The Premium Set includes both Creative Power and the Organ Workouts modules.



In the video community you will also find the emotion diary as a PDF document to download, which can help you choose a workout. The workout can be selected in many ways. In the blog you will find an article about it. BLOG: How do I choose the right workout?


The set can also be purchased in individual parts in the shop. Accessories such as fabric bags, stands, exercise posters and the eBook Inner Peace Experience with background information on the woodstocking® system can be found here.