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Training materials

We have developed a training set for you which allows you to start your training at once.

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For optimal training results and for safety reasons, we recommend the purchase of a Woodstock, which is included in the training set. The training materials are also available without Woodstock.

A natural training device

The Woodstock

The Woodstock is a sports equipment made of natural ash wood that has been specially developed for this workout. Its weight and shape are optimally adapted to the exercises. It supports the stretching and straightening of the body during practice. It intensifies the strengthening of the muscles and the body perception and offers additional support while practicing.

The warm, rough surface of the wood makes it easier for you to concentrate on yourself and gives you sensuality and presence in the here and now.

High quality materials

The Woodstock is made of the finest ash wood by a German craftsmen. Ash wood is both elastic and yet firm, which make it the ideal wood for sports equipment and especially for the Woodstock. Its flexible and tensile strength offers protection against breakage while providing safety during training. Its ergonomic shape is adapted to the woodstocking® workouts. Over time, a light patina will develop on the Woodstock aligning the formal aesthetic design to the individual user.

Always mobile

The shape of the Woodstock is ideal for training: recessed grips facilitate handling and positioning of the hands during exercises. The neck recess protects the neck vertebrae. Two different lengths take into account the individual arm span. The practical screw connections allow you to dismantle your Woodstock into 3 parts and transport them easily. So you can do your daily training anywhere.