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Creative Power Workshop

woodstocking® offers you a structure,

  • that enables you to pursue your inner path consistently.
  • It makes it easier for you to bring up the necessary discipline.
  • It enables you to get to know yourself and helps you get out the best of you.
  • It helps you to become more self-aware.
  • It makes it easier for you to access your resources and enables you to solve your problems from within yourself and thereby develop yourself further.
  • How you can develop your spirituality in your everyday life.

In this Workshop Creative Power we will focus on how we can live our spirituality in everyday life. It is about connecting your self-knowledge with your motivation to act. You will experience how you gain access to your deepest longing. We will discuss the benefits that your vision can bring to you in your daily life and show how a vision can contribute to physical and mental health. We practice together the parts 1 (Create) and 2 (Materialize) of the module Creative Power. It is about actively taking on a meditative state of consciousness. We discuss what is important in formulating the goal.

Ideally, you are already familiar with the 6.5 minute training sessions of the woodstocking® organ workout.

Please bring your Woodstock and comfortable clothes, socks or sneakers to the workshop.

Duration: approx. 2-4 hour workshop as One on One depending on the knowledge of the participant. Timing will be arranged individually.

Trainer: Ina Rathje

Costs: 197,00Euro incl. VAT.

Please register with Ina Rathje at or 0163-428 28 22