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woodstocking® in the Volkshochschule – VHS  Geesthacht

The course will be at the Musikraum of the Alfred Nobel Schule, Neuer Krug 37 – 39, 21502 Geesthacht

There will be 6 training units – always Tuesdays from 18:30 to 19:30 h

17.09.2019, 24.09.2019,

01.10.2019, 22.10.2019, 29.10.2019,


Register via Link: 1923010132 – woodstocking®-Kurseinheit

Trainer: Ina Rathje

About the 6 woodstocking®-course units:

The woodstocking® course units follow a certain sequence and are continuously underlaid with music. One of the 12 organ workouts is carried out in the individual course units. For example – liver, gallbladder, heart, thyroid gland, spleen, bladder.
The course unit includes: Information about the organ, a short unit of conscious breathing, a movement unit – we practice the called organ exercise, a short meditation and finally the trained organ exercise.
The Woodstock is provided for the course dates. Please bring a mat with you. It is recommended to come in comfortable clothes.

The Woodstock is provided for these events. It is recommended to come in comfortable clothing.

Registration with the VHS is required.

Course No.1923010132

Price: 34,40 €