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Workshop for Coaches and Trainer/Therapists with exercise experience

The woodstocking® system is a wonderful and efficient addition to other therapeutic approaches. For example, as a workout between appointments or as a “homework assignment”. Through the movement, mental content that was previously worked on can be integrated more easily. Changes in mindset can also be felt and experienced physically during woodstocking training. It helps your clients to stay on track and to take responsibility for their own health.

Part 1
Presentation of the organ workout and the woodstocking® course format for groups.

  • The course format consists of 12 course units of 45 minutes each.
  • One course unit includes information about the organ, conscious breathing, a movement unit, additional exercises and a short guided meditation.
  • The movement unit is guided by the coach.
  • The course audio file contains the remaining information, instructions and accompanying music.
  • The instruction of a course unit will be trained.

Part 2

  • Introduction and training of the module Creative Power
  • Introduction to the NEW woodstocking® card set – as soon as available
  • Presentation of the woodstocking® affiliate program
  • Integration into the woodstocking advertising and homepage


Participants will receive a certificate that entitles them to lead woodstocking® group workshops.

Duration: One-day workshop online as One on One – approx. 4 hours depending on the previous knowledge of the participant.

Trainer: Ina Rathje


1) 297,00 €uro incl. VAT for the workshop

2) For an additional 150,00 €uro incl. VAT we offer the following trainer materials for consolidation and support:

  • 12 individual 45-minute audio files,
  • trainer manual and
  • 12 trainer videos

3) For your groups you can buy up to 5 exercise sticks with discount.

Dates: by individual arrangement. Currently only online. Ina is looking forward to hear from you at or 0163-428 28 22.