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woodstocking® Info Event

What is woodstocking?

woodstocking® is a training system for body and mind. It is based on medical knowledge and experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine. woodstocking® combines special movement sequences with positive messages to the brain. The 6.5-minute Woodstock exercises can be learned and performed independently. If practiced daily, woodstocking® relieves stress and thought chaos, relaxes the muscles and helps to regain strength.

The woodstocking® – Info event is a short introduction to the training.

Where does it come from? What can it do?

The processes and contents are explained and the participants actively participate. We do one or two whole exercises as a stimulus and introduction for the daily training at home.

The Woodstock will be provided for this event. It is recommended to come in comfortable clothes.

The events are free of charge. or 0163-428 28 22

The dates: