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woodstocking® Affiliate-Partnerprogramm

General terms and conditions

the affiliate partner program of the website

§ 1 Registration / Examination of the application

(1) Participants in the program are persons from the age of 18 who would like to recommend woodstocking®. You can operate a legal website for it and are the domain owner.

(2) The following contents may not be communicated or actively linked to the website: pornography, radicalism/extremism, violence or glorification of violence in any form (also sexual, towards people and animals), drugs or drug trivialization.

(3) A website must be designed in such a way that confusion with the website is not possible.

(4) The examination of the application is carried out by woodstocking® at its own discretion. An application may be rejected without justification.

§ 2 Obligations of the partner

(1) woodstocking® makes advertising material available to its partner by arrangement.

(2) If advertising materials such as advertising banners are provided, the correct technical integration into the Partner’s own homepage is the responsibility of the Partner.

(3) The partner is obliged to keep the link up to date.

§ 3 Prohibited advertising measures

(1) Search engine marketing and participation in adware networks are prohibited. The partner is prohibited from booking advertising space in search engines or paid ad placements, e.g. on Google AdWords or sponsored links, which are related to woodstocking®. Add-ons, iFrames, layers, postview tracking, pop-ups and undercuts as well as direct forwarding are also prohibited.

(2) Keyword advertising and targeting are only possible after prior consultation with woodstocking®.

(3) Vouchers that appear in customer newsletters or print and online advertisements require the prior consent of woodstocking® before they are passed on.

(4)Tell a friend requires the consent(!) The use of the partner program in an e-mail marketing instrument is permitted under certain conditions. The approval must be in writing and is subject in any case to the statutory provisions, as well as competition and consumer law. This includes, among other things, the double opt-in procedure, an imprint and the unsubscribe option. As sender the partner must be obvious, not woodstocking®.

(5) The partner may not carry out his own advertising measures in the name of woodstocking®.

§ 4 Revisit & Last Cookie Wins

(1) A user who comes to the woodstocking® website via a partner remains assigned to the respective partner by cookies for 30 days. The 30-day period is restarted each time a user visits the site.

(2) Should the user of a partner site be referred via another partner, the Last-Cookie-Wins model applies, i.e. the 30-day period expires and the commission is added to the new, last referring partner.

§ 5 Provision

(1) woodstocking® pays the partner a commission of 15 % on the “actually generated net turnover” according to the “click per sale” procedure.

(2) “Actually generated net sales” are revenues that woodstocking® generates during the term of the contract from the sale of goods in its own name. The basis for calculation is the net sales price of the woodstocking® training set or the woodstock actually invoiced by woodstocking®. The price must be paid in full by the customer, amounts refunded to customers by complaint or vouchers reduce the part of the “net sales actually generated”. Other possible service prices, such as shipping, handling and gift packaging costs, are also not part of ‘net sales actually generated’.

(3) If the partner has purchased at a reduced price from woodstocking® himself, this purchase is excluded from the commission according to this affiliate partner program.

§ 6 Payment

(1) Payment will only be made to partners with a valid bank account.

2. Payments shall be made on a quarterly basis starting from a minimum amount of EUR 20.

(3) Payments shall only be made automatically if the necessary bank details (IBAN) have been entered and information as to whether credit notes with or without value-added tax are desired. If no bank account has been deposited within a period of 12 months after a commission entitlement has been reached, the entitlement to the commission expires.

4. Balances on the accounts shall not bear interest. Expenses for foreign bank transfers will be deducted from the credit notes.

(5) woodstocking® reserves the right not to pay out any credit if the partner is suspected of fraud or has violated these conditions of participation.

§ 7 Termination / Removal of Advertising Media

This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated at any time without notice by the Partner by removing the link. The partner must inform woodstocking® of this in writing. The right to extraordinary termination remains unaffected by this, in particular in the event of violation of these conditions of participation. In this case, the Partner is not entitled to payment of the commission earned up to that point. In this case, the Partner must immediately remove the advertising material from its website.

§ 8 Data protection

(1) In the case of the Affiliate Program, in addition to the information specified under § 6, the e-mail addresses are also stored in order to ensure speedy processing with our partners. Affiliate dashboard passwords are stored to provide affiliates with access to their affiliate data at all times.

(2) We take the protection of the personal data entrusted to us very seriously and refer to our updated data protection declaration, which can be viewed at any time via this link.

§ 9 Miscellaneous

(1) This agreement shall be governed by German law. If the partner is a merchant within the meaning of the German Commercial Code, Ahrensburg is agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction. This agreement shall not be transferable without our written consent.

(2) Should individual provisions of this agreement be or become wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the agreement. The same applies in the event that the agreement contains a loophole. Instead of the invalid or unenforceable provisions or to fill the gap, an appropriate provision shall apply which, as far as legally possible, comes closest to what the partners would have wanted if they had considered this point when concluding the agreement.


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