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Lose weight – simply lose weight

Unfortunately, for most of us it is much easier to gain weight than to lose it.

If I now have a few pounds too much on my ribs and the feel-good weight has long been exceeded, I need a good strategy to get rid of it again.

It is important that I do not take on too much at once and set myself a feasible goal. It mustn’t feel unreachable. It also helps me to change my eating habits and to gain some “substitute habits”.. For example, instead of eating in front of the television, I can eat all meals without the television, i.e. without distraction. Instead of always eating sweets – there is fresh fruit. Instead of eating bread in the evening, there can be raw vegetables or a vegetable soup. Instead of just sitting on the sofa in the evening, I do another round and move.

But how do I deal with the hunger? What do I do against the stress of everyday life when I no longer want to reward myself with treats? What to do about frustration and displeasure?

A new, good habit needs to come along Something that motivates me, builds me up and recharges my batteries. This is where woodstocking® training comes in. I combine movement and mental stress reduction and have a structure that becomes a good habit.

I only need 6.5 minutes to come down and shift my emotional state back in a positive direction. It’s not about cardio training or endurance sports, but about easy movements that I can do (almost) anywhere in between. When I concentrate on my own positive emotional resources and go into myself, I become clearer and free myself from the circling negative thoughts and fears over time.

I see and feel much better, I grasp what corresponds to reality and what results from my tense emotional situation. In this way I learn to distinguish whether I can do something or whether I should let go. Differences are noticeable over time: The need to distract from negative feelings with food becomes weaker, body awareness improves and susceptibility to stress decreases.

Also physically a lot happens: the body tension regulates itself, I become more mobile and in combination with healthy food I simply feel more comfortable. The unfavourable metabolic state, which normally occurs during stress, can thus be stopped in advance or defused afterwards.

There are scientific studies which prove the connection between stress and overweight.

Here’s one of them: >”Stress affects obesity. A stress management program is helpful for a sustained reduction in body weight.” (L.Gath 2015 The influence of stress on obesity. Development of a stress management program for obese adults, Munich, GRIN Verlag.)



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