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Here you will find all the organ workouts to watch and download, as well as the music audios with the spoken phrases, which you use during the training of the respective organ workouts.

We wish you a lot of fun and success!

Emotion diary

In order to benefit even more on an emotional level, you will find the woodstocking®-emotion diary (ETB) to download.

In the blog article emotion diary the application of the ETB is described.

Audio Download

Introductory video

Warm-up phase

In this video Bettina talks about the Warm-up Phase used in all organ workouts.

Introductory video liver

Workout 1


My tip: Slide your shoulders back and down as you advance your arms.

Introduction video gallbladder

Workout 2


My tip: Straighten your hip and keep it firm don't move it.

Introductory video heart

Workout 3


My tip: Don't push your knees all the way through, keep them slightly flexed.

Introductory video small intestine

Workout 4

Small intestine

My tip: Increase your body tension and shift your weight before pulling up your knee.

Introductory video thyroid gland

Workout 5

Thyroid gland

My tip: Just tip your head very gently into your neck. Advancing the chin also increases the stretch of the front side of the neck.

Introductory video sex organs

Workout 6


My tip: To avoid falling into a hollow back, imagine that the force to push back the arms comes from the gluteal muscles.

Introductory video spleen / pancreas

Workout 7


My tip: Turn the thoracic spine actively but loosely in all directions.

Introductory video stomach

Workout 8


My tip: When turning and rolling the head down, the neck is stretched. Do this with ease and in rhythm, preferably without creating tension.

Lung introduction video

Workout 9


My tip: Roll your back slowly upwards when standing up.

Introductory video colon

Workout 10


My tip: If you put the Woodstock behind your shoulder, which is inclined to the ground, the exercise will be easier.

Introductory video kidney

Workout 11


My tip: Enjoy humping and letting your back hang as compensation for long sitting.

Introductory video bladder

Workout 12


My tip: With the wood block (in the shop) you can make the Woodstock more stable.