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woodstocking® - My way to get into balance again and again.

Dr. Bettina Rippel - Developer

More about Bettina

During my medical studies I learned a lot about the human body, its metabolism and its functions. However, once I was practicing in the field of dermatology, I became increasingly aware that although some medications might help one person get well again, other patients only got well for a short period of time or did not get any better at all. I wanted to find solutions to help these patients as well.

I then worked in a psychosomatic medical clinic. The patients were offered medication, counseling, sports, and occupational therapy. I observed the connection between mind and body but at the same time realized the limits of this healing approach. It was then that I turned to complementary healing techniques and practiced kinesiology and systemic therapy in my own practice.

During my search, I met my spiritual teacher who offered me a new perspective on healing. The energies emanating from thoughts, emotions, and experiences influence physical and mental health. I learned to discern these energies and impact healing at core energy levels.

My consciousness expanded and I gained access to a subtle world in which the individual energies are woven into a web of relationships and other dimensions. The soul of each person has chosen an individual task when entering our earthly dimensions. This task of the soul is its destiny.

My vocation is to help people expand their consciousness and facilitate their own intuitive access to the impulses of their soul.

With woodstocking®, I have developed a system of different exercises with which everyone can find connection to these spiritual energies and soul impulses for themselves no matter their stage of life. The path opens from within and connects body, mind, and soul as a whole and creates wisdom, inner peace, and serenity.

I am dedicated to helping you overcome the obstacles you encounter on your way. In spiritual healing I look at the causes of your problem and mediate between your consciousness and the spiritual world.


woodstocking® - My Journey for personal development in the midst of life

Ina Rathje - Master Trainer - Marketing

More about Ina

The joy of working with numbers brought me into the banking industry. Despite the rigid hierarchies of the business world, I wanted to remain creative and lively. As I was promoted into more demanding positions, I embraced new tasks that I could delve into. During assignments abroad in London and New York, I broadened my professional horizons and my perspective on people and cultures.

The end of the eighties saw many political changes and events shaping Europe. I was fortunate enough to work both in Frankfurt and Dresden during this exciting time. I enjoyed the Neuer Markt, the syndicate business, and the development of corporate banking in Dresden, Saxony (formerly part of the old GDR), very much.

As a banker, I was interested and fascinated in the internal processes of my clients’ companies which prompted me to leave banking and work in a different industry. I worked as a Treasurer and eventually CFO. Here, too, I experienced how difficult it is to be creative in a hierarchical structure and to initiate change.


My work as a management consultant since 2001, has allowed me to develop and use my skills to create successful and innovative business solutions for companies and their staff. I have further developed these skills to facilitate and expand an awareness of mindfulness within myself and others. I discovered the importance of self-awareness and how valuable individual ideas and thoughts are to leading a successful, fulfilling life.

As a holistic coach, I accompany my clients on their journey to deeper personal awareness, inner balance, self-worth, and self-esteem. It is important that I recognize my clients’ intuition; feel it, trust it, and use it as a valuable aid in decision making, evaluations, and solutions. Decisions made with both intelligence and intuition not only create good solutions for problems, they make change and innovation possible, bringing lightness and joy to the client.

woodstocking® is a wonderfully efficient method of training, which always brings me back to personal mindfulness and inner peace where I feel comfortable in looking at myself and my environment in an open-minded manner. I like to use this inspiring method as a coaching tool so that my clients will realize their path more consciously and see it more clearly as well.