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Ina's offer: Coaching

What kind of a feeling is it, when you have solved a problem – at your own pace. Fantastic, right? Do you feel the joy, the energy its giving you? Are you fully aware of how you did it? Can you repeat it?

What makes it difficult sometimes to communicate with customers, colleagues, friends or family?  Why do we sometimes feel misunderstood? Why aren’t they just doing what you want them to do? How come there is a discrepancy between sender and receiver of information? Was is going wrong and draining your energy and motivation?

Aren’t different expectations, experiences, or values mostly the reasons for misunderstandings in the first place? If that is so – what was really meant?

The solution is found if you dig deeper, surpassing the mind and its mental capacities, right to the soul area where the innate is.

Some of our conditioning we can let go of quickly others come bouncing back time and time again and need their time to dissolve.

As a holistic coach, I accompany my clients during their journey toward a new consciousness. They learn to embrace their very own self-esteem, the love for themselves, and the ease of dealing with goals and desires.

It is from this inner core, that you will embrace a new consciousness of YourSelf, that lets you radiate your self-confidence.

The highly effective woodstocking® workouts help to make the path to your inner center tangible, perceptible, and reproducible. They provide clarity and structure along the way to achieving your goals and the fulfillment of your desires. As your motivation increases, a feeling of freedom and joy occurs. With practice, you can bring all these things into your daily life and make yourself more resilient against pressure and stress.

It would be my pleasure to accompany you on your spiritual journey.

My contact information:


Phone: +49 163 4282822

The price:150€/hour incl. VAT.