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Advantages of woodstocking

Woodstock provides an active connection between thinking and feeling. It forms a bridge between the right and left hand and thus stimulates the function of both halves of the brain when practicing.

Regular woodstocking® exercises increase the production of chemical messengers such as serotonin and dopamine. These transport information from nerve cell to nerve cell and have a positive effect on the mood.

Dysbalances of individual muscles can lead to incorrect posture of the body, to incorrect loading of joints and to pain. woodstocking® helps to balance muscle tension and improve posture. Many exercises stretch the chest and deepen breathing. The final phase of each exercise emphasizes the erection of the body. This is particularly helpful for those who spend many hours a day in a seated position and hardly move.

In addition to the positive effects of coherence on body physiology (lowering hypertension, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress symptoms such as palpitations, tension, insomnia, back pain, slowing the aging process), it also has impressive effects on the mental state:
– Mental exhaustion is reduced.
– Negative emotions (fear, anger, dissatisfaction) decrease
– Concentration improves
– Thinking becomes clearer
– Learning is made easier
– The ability to listen improves
– Existing knowledge is better accessible